It Doesn't Matter Two


Paroles et accords: 

Intro : [Em] [Eb] [Am9]

As I [Em]lay here with you
The [Eb]shame lies with us
We [Am]talk of love and trust
That doesn't matter[Em]

Though we [Em]may be the last in the world
We [Eb]feel like pioneers
[Am]Telling hopes and fears
To one another[Em]

And [Am]oh what a feeling
In[Em]side of me
[Am]It might last for an [G]hour
[Am]Wounds aren't healing
In[Em]side of me
[Am]Though it feels good [Em]now
[B] I know it's only for n[Em]ow

The feeling is intense
You grip me with your eyes
And then I realize
It doesn't matter