Amen Omen


Paroles et accords: 

Intro :
[Am] [F] [C] [G]

1 - What [Am]started as a whis[F]per
Slowly [C]turned into a [G]scream
[Am]Searching for an ans[F]wer
Where the [C]question is un[G]seen
I [Am]don't know where you [F]came from
And I [C]dont know where you've [G]gone
Old [Am]friends become old [F]strangers
Between dark[C]_ness and the [G]dawn

Refrain :
[F]Amen [C]Omen
[G]Will I see your face[Am] again
[F]Amen [C]Omen
[G]Can I find a place[Am] within
To [F]live my life[C] without[Am] [F] you[Ab][Bb]

2 - I still hear you saying
"All of life is chance
And is sweetest
Is sweetest when at a glance"
But I live
I live a hundred hundred lifetimes in a day
But I die a little
In every breath that I take


Pont :
[Am] [F] [C] [G]

3 - I listen to a whisper
Slowly drift away
Silence is a loudest
Parting word you never say
I put I put your world
Into my veins
Now a voiceless sympathy
Is all that remains